Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some days

Some days I just want to give people a high the face.....with a chair......hard.

Grimm is in the Air Force. Grimm has been in the Air Force for 4 Years. Grimm got a promotion. Grimm got a pay raise. Grimm filed all the proper paper work and notices. Finance paid us the incorrect amount of money. Finance up and withdrew half of the "over-paid" amount on the next paycheck with plans for the next to do the same. Lady is not happy that her nice cushy pay check with enough money for all of our bills and money for savings was slashed into a fourth of what it was. Lady is so angry she is typing in third person.

Anyway. That leads me to why the military makes me angry all the time sometimes. Military members get paid on a salary. They can work everyday or they can work no days. They get paid on the first and the fifteenth. 
This past 15th I woke up and check our bank statement so that I could get this months bills squared away when BAM! $332 in your hold up. I looked and $332 was deposited at 4:22 am this morning from the usual military account. Ok. So, I send Grimm a text message and tell him he needs to call up the finance office and find out why his pay is not right. This leads to the revelation that we were over paid and then they withdrew it back. So I sat there and I withdrew money from our savings and made sure that all of the bills that we had due got paid and money was set aside for gas and money was set aside for food. Now my savings account is empty and I have $51 sitting in my checking account. (We just had to raid the savings account to pay for a new to us car when ours died on us in the middle of the road.) 

So the other night I told Grimm to check his LES and make sure that everything was good and back to normal........Nope. They only withdrew half of what we "owed" them and that this pay period would also be short. Luckly, today is the 4th year mark of Grimm's career and he got a $300 bonus to purchase a new set of uniforms with. So our pay on the first will be $632. This is just enough to pay every bill that we have at it's minimum but only leaves $100 for gas and food. 

The new car uses about $60 worth of gas to get Grimm to and from work for fifteen days plus other trips that are not as necessary. That leaves us with $40 plus the $51 in the account left over. So, $91 for food. I am going to have to budget the hell out of this pay period. I am challenging myself out of necessity to use less the $6 a day on food for both me and Grimm and the Fur Babies. 

Wish me luck.

Dear Finance, I hate you please die. That is all.


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